Promontory Trio

Old Time American Music from Appalachia and the Pioneer West.

Dave Sharp - Claw Hammer Banjo, Mountain Dulcimer, Vocals, Spoons, Bones, Vocals, Storyteller and Caller

Carol Sharp - Whistles, Tambourines, Limber-jacks, Bowed Psaltery

Krista Baker - Fiddle

Tales of the old west include: The Winnemucca Bank Robbery, Romancing Rose, Banjo Bob and the Spanish Gold, Joseph and Adam Sharp deliver a message to Johnson's Army, Joseph and Adam Sharp haul a load of Flour to the Silver mines in Virginia City, Ann Rogers and Snow in the Pass, Old Doctor Sharp's Medicine Show and John Sharp the Railroad Bishop and the Transcontinental Railroad. Poems include The tale of Banjo Bob, Aces and Eights, Banjos are numero uno. All original tales and tunes written and arranged by (c) 2016-17 Dave and Carol Sharp and DBA Idlewild.


Promontory Trio performing "Goin across the Sea / Glenn's Ferry"

Promontory - by D. Sharp -

Oh My Darling - by Dave and Carol Sharp -

Appaloosa - by D. Sharp -

The tunes:

1. Goin' across the Sea / Glenn's Ferry

2. Appaloosa

3. I'm as free Little Bird as I can be

4. Old Jimmey Sutton / Goin' down to Cairo

5. On the Road to California

6. Spotted Pony

7. Lincoln and Liberty

8. All is Well / Leaving St. Louis

9. Get along Home Cindy, Cindy

10. The Old Schottish

11. Promontory

12. Hunt the Buffalo

13. Bonapart's Retreat / Angeline the Baker

14. Wild Bill Jones

15. Have you heard of Porter Rockwell

16. Crossed old Jordan's Stream / Buffalo Polka

17. All are talking of Utah

18. Zack the Mormon Engineer

19. I am the Bravest Cowboy

20. Oh my Darlin'

21. Snow in the Pass / Sharp and Young

22. Tom Bigby's Waltz

23. Blue Mountain

24. The Year of Jubilo

25. Springfield Gal / Seneca Square Dance

26. Simple Gifts

27. Come thy Font of every Blessing

28. Sunset along the River

29. The Yellow Rose of Texas

30. Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away

31. Ma Nicole

32. Varsouvienne

33. Old Joe Clark

34. Been all around this world

35. Bonapart's Retreat

36. Moses hoe yer Corn

37. Waterbound

38. Red River Valley / Way down the old Plank Road

39. Shove that Pigs foot a little closer to the Fire

40. The Seven Step Schottish

41. Bacon Rind

42. Get my Whiskey from Rockingham

43. Curlew Junction

44. The Iron Horse

45. Julianne Johnson

and many more