Carol's Tai Chi Bio


Carol is certified as an Associate Tai Chi Instructor with Tai Chi Healthways (Director is Master Jesse Tsao Ph.D.)  She is qualified to teach basic Chen style as well as Yang style 24 Short Form or 108 Yang Long Form.

Carol has been practicing Yang style Tai Chi since 2002 with a local Salt Lake group instructed by Master Pat Leary. Our group follows the methods taught by Master Sam Masich.  Carol has completed several Workshop Intensives with Sam covering the 108 Form, Push Hands and the 25 Energies, and 13 Power Taiji Sabre. She has also completed workshops with several of Sam's senior students (including Jan Parker and Art Baner) covering 108 Form and applications as well as Straight Sword and Sabre.

Carol became interested in practicing Chen style a few years back.  She began with learning the Progressive Silk Reeling Series (as taught by Master Jose Figueroa) using his DVDs and attending an Intensive with Jose. She then learned a Chen Short Form developed by Master Ren Guang Yi, the Master who taught Mr. Fiqueroa. In 2014, Carol found a local instructor teaching the Chen Old Frame Long Form and Single Fan. She began working with Jeff Shaver (founder of the Chen Tai Chi Association of Utah).

Through Jeff, Carol became introduced to Master Jese Tsao, Director of Tai Chi Healthways (based in San Diego, Ca).  Carol has studied with Jese at weekend intensives and used his excellent DVDs and online study to certify with Tai Chi Healthways as an Associate Instructor.

Carol had the great opportunity to attend "A Taste of China 2012" in its 30th annual and final seminar held by the Shenandoah Taijiquan Center in Winchester, Va. She was able to attend classes with Master Helen Wu (Taji Single Fan), Nick Gracenin (Straight Sword), Master Jwing-ming Yang (Martial Grand Circulation), Master Shou-yu Liang (Wuji Form), and Master Sam Masich (Partner Practice).

See resources for more information about the Instructors mentioned above.