Haiku and Tanka


You are warmth to me

When all the leaves have fallen

Against the cold winter



My breath gives voice to

The Shakuhachi spirit

A call from Heaven



Lilac scented dark

As we walk in the Garden

Crickets sing at night



Mysterious sound

My Heart the cry of a Crane

Across the River



Twilight Summer air

Full of dancing Dragonflies

Shade beneath the Trees



Autumn Harvest Moon

A paper Lantern glowing

Ghost upon the wind



The Shining River

with its belly full of Fish

headed toward the Sea

and its gleaming silver scales

wind through the valley below



Wrapped in their dark Cloaks

They walk the Roads of Winter

Swords hang from their Belts

They need rarely speak in words

As they haunt me in my dreams


Yofune Nushi

The Earth rolls and heaves

Crashing waves upon the shore

Surging of the Sea

Leave the air filled with fin mist

Great Sea Dragon of the Deep


 These next three Poems go with paintings I've made


The Silent Snowfall 

The Silent Snowfall

In winter twilight Forest

On my journey home


The Shining Stars of Heaven

Through woven branches

The shining Stars of Heaven

Chill the Autumn night


The Garden

Song upon the Wing

Neath the twilight crescent Moon

Now upon the Path


By Moonlight in the Forest

Sing now my spirit

by Moonlight in the Forest

floating on the wind


Jazz Glyph

If smooth and new age

Of strings, keys, bass, drums and voice

Hot and progressive

Ripe passionate expletives

a-Blat-a Blat, Squee do-wah.

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