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Idlewild performs mainly Celtic Traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and the Isle of Man. You may also hear them play early and traditional music from various cultures , such as English, French and old time American music.

Idlewild can perform as a duo, (Dave and Carol) or Trio, Quartet, Quintet on up to a seven piece group.

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David and Carol Sharp also perform with our "Glastonbury duo" for medieval, and renaissance faires with storytelling and music. Please view our Glastonbury page for more information.

Goin' Across the Sea / Glenn's Ferry -

Promontory - by D. Sharp -

The Milking Song -

Oh My Darling - by Dave and Carol Sharp -

Appaloosa - by D. Sharp -

The Derby Ram 

Cailleach an Dudain or the Blue Hag - 

The Song of the Water Kelpie -

Spotted Pony -




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